"The Majestic Russian!"

Russians are an intelligent, loyal, loving and gentle breed

Looking for a reputable breeder?

We have a member's page that lists breeders in different states throughout Australia, many breeders do not advertise as they will receive enquiries through their web pages, Russian are often in high demand so be prepared to wait.

Advice & Tips

  • Do not email breeder with 'Av u got kittens' email they probably won't respond, breeders don't require your life history but just a brief  few outline of the family status such a children, dogs, busy household or perhaps you are single person.
  • Advise the breeder in your initial enquiry if you are interstate, breeders may prefer not to send kittens interstate, some flights such as Perth to Canberra are very difficult to arrange & some breeders live too far away from airports.
  • Please remember that most breeders work, care for their cats, go to shows & have families, breeding for most is a passionate hobby, the breeder may not have time to send an immediate response to your email & supply photos of every kitten.

Scammers and Backyard Breeders

https://www.ipata.org/pet-scams/ Scammers often advertise kittens for $300 telling you they are registered with pedigree but the return email from them will often advise they have since moved to another state or they selling the kittens for their family member & you are just paying transport costs.

The English is often poorly written with some information copied & pasted from breeders' web sites - one such site


What to expect from a breeder

  • Russian kittens are generally price between $850 - $1200.
  • The kitten should be fully vaccinated & micro-chipped before going into their new home.
  • You should be able to sight proof of registration & pedigree.
  • You should be able to view some of the adults cats.
  • Arrangements should be in place for the desexing of the kitten by 6 months of age if not already desexed before leaving the breeder.
  • The house /cattery should be clean & free from offensive odorous smells.
  • Cats & kittens should appear to be clean, well nourished & healthy.
  • The reputable breeder realistically understands sometimes things go wrong, but maintains a responsibility to the situation, if within his power, and does what is necessary to rectify problems fairly. The reputable breeder does not abandon a situation.



What the breeder expects from you

  • Do not visit other catteries on the same day, infectious diseases such as cat flu, ringworm are devastating to a breeder.
  • Please keep to your appointment time, all time is precious to breeders.
  • Young children become excited by the sight of young kittens & animals unfortunately cats do not relay the same excitement & will take to a hiding spot. If you take young children please take a 2nd adult with you, children should not be left to run around the breeders home.
  • The breeder expects the kitten/cat that is being placed in your care to be well cared for in a family home with good quality food & vet care provided when necessary.
  • To keep the kitten / cat in a safe environment - Russians are not suitable for the outdoors unless the owner can provide an enclosure or fencing to keep the Russian safely within the boundaries of the home.
  • You have purchased a Russian as a family pet, please do not be tempted to produce just the one litter - the pounds & rescue centres are already full of x cross breeds, allowing your cat to mate with an unknown mate carries the high potential risk of passing incurable & deadly diseases to your cat - Breeding is very expensive when it doesn't go to plan.

All genuine breeders are registered with a cat governing council & all kittens from the litter are registered with the cat association if the breeder or advertiser has not stated what registering council they are a member of ask the question if in doubt then phone that registering cat council & ask if the breeder is a current member. Russian kittens or adults 'with a pedigree' does not mean you are buying a kitten from a registered breeder, anyone can put together a pedigree.

Russian cats do not have long coats, white markings & just because a cat is blue, black or white in colour it does not make it a Russian. Genuine breeders are concerned with pedigree lines, the history of the breed, the health of the breed & the breed improvements.



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