"The Majestic Russian!"

Russians are an intelligent, loyal, loving and gentle breed

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The regal and elegant Russian is a medium sized cat with the females being smaller in size to the males; it is a breed renowned for their healthy constitution, ease of maintenance and love for human companionship

The plush double coat, carrying a light tipping to each guard hair, gives the coat a lustrous sheen; the Russians are recognized in 3 colours Blue, White & Black.

The large vertical ears, stunning green almond-shaped eyes with an expression referred to as the "drunken donkey look" the Russian has a slender & quite long muscular body help to complete the picture of elegance. As kittens they are bundles of fun and affection, maturing into adults of a unique appearance, combined with a majestic and stately demeanour.


Gentleness of the Russian nature allows them to be a perfect companion for those of all ages and home situations. Russians are happy to share their affections amongst all family members, including friendly dogs and other resident feline friends.

The Russian is a healthy hearty breed known to live into their mid to late teens given the right environment and nutrition.

A breed that is social & loves to interact with all the family but in general they have a dislike for loud noises. The Russian is very adaptable and although sometimes known to be fairly reserved they will settle into and accept most environments they will also get along with other breeds of cats especially loving kittens or playful breeds like themselves.

To sum up a Russian is an intelligent, loyal, loving and gentle breed & true aristocrat

Males v Females

Males are generally larger than females but this is often based on parentage, the Russian should still retain an elegant appearance with good length of body & legs even if they are 7kg. In general the average female is between 3-4kg & the male between 5-7kg.

The males are generally renowned for being very laid back; females are generally a little more activerussian blue kitten.

Kitten v Adult

Everybody loves a kitten but there are times when an adult is more suited to a family home, they are out of the naughty baby stage & the true personality has developed 'what you see is what you get'. Breeders often retire females after just a few litters if they are developing their pedigree lines, some girls are just not suited for breeding so are sterilized.

No reputable breeder should sell an adult cat entire.

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